Wolves of the New Beginning

by Wolfenhords

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Limited to 300 copies released by Terror Cult Productions


released December 21, 2007

Type: Full-length



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Wolfenhords Croatia

Wolfenhords is a Black Metal band from Croatia (Zagreb), formed in 2005 by The Nobll.

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Track Name: Black Shift
Wrath of dead horses escaped from
Rotting Corpses and flying
towards Dark Forests in Fear of Angry Beasts

Every Night of Fullmoon we guard our Land
From the Disease of Christians who seeks our Spirits

This time we Kill ,Capturing and Torturing
No More Mercy for Lost Souls

Our Anger Comes with Sin
In No Fear of Death

Force of our Empire leed us
Give us right path to Glory

We will not Betray you,We will
Guard Your Kingdom well
Track Name: Summon to Gather
I hear the Whispers
They`re calling me
To hunt down for them

To Bring the Blood
To sacrifice the Flesh

I shall wait the End

The Storm is showing me the Way
The way to End
Where we are gathered
And waiting for the Last Words


I`m on the Other World
Nothing is the same
I hear the Voices again

Maybe it`s the call to come back
To mother World
But that Force which is holding me
Is taking my last Breath

The Whispering has turned
To Shouting ,
The Storm has brought the Lighting
Great Fire opens my Way

We have been Gathered again by the Great
Track Name: In the Wrath of Shadows
My name has been Hunted
By the false God
My name is marked like other names before

My Will and Power shall always
shine in the Eternal Fire
Until his Holy
Father blows it off

But I will return in Our Loyal Empire
Where all shadows are united as One

The Empire of Dark Pagan Forests
Where we stand together against
Everything Askew
Track Name: Holy Grail Locus
Knights in Black
Dark as Upcoming Night
Marching in Eagerness to scout from Immortal Eyes

As they spilled the Holy Blood into Air
They Became the Legends of the Dead

The Ones Who Betrayed us
They will Suffer
The Ones Who Followed us
They will be Kings

He who Calls himself the Creator
He who spread Lies
Your Mortal Eyes are covered in Blood

Prepare for War
And be Cruel more than you are Cold
Battle, that is the right path to Sacred Locus
where all Immortality lies Hidden

This is Now
This is Forever
This is the Day where is a moment that
God can`t find
Track Name: Dark Revelations
On the Edge of the Great Silence
Dark Prosperity and Hatred
Created Spells and Arms to cause
The Dawn of Christianity

Kings becomes Slaves
Light becomes Dark
Death before the Dawn
Silence of the Crowd
War and Destruction

Darkest Song begins
In the Highest Castles
Track Name: Farewell to Ancient Gods
Farewell to icey fields,
I now set my sail.

The time has come
to leave in search for glory.

Farewell to freezing winds,
I may not return.

The quest lays up ahead
to plunder christian lands.

Farewell to mystic forests,
little time remains.
Farewell to ancient gods.