The Truth Shall Set You Free

by Wolfenhords

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Type: Full-length
Official label: Frozen Darkness Productions
Tape version co-released by Hateful Noise / Primitivum Productions, limited to 88 hand-numbered copies.

CD version doesn't include the songs "The Warriors of the Underground" and "Vampire Hunters".


released February 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Wolfenhords Croatia

Wolfenhords is a Black Metal band from Croatia (Zagreb), formed in 2005 by The Nobll.

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Track Name: Bastard Religion
Heat has risen from Below to Above
The Last Night to release your demons
In a Distant Land the End is near
I dare to Challenge you

In the Maze of Confusion
Where Religions Destroys your Spirit
Our Land , Folk and Nature are Contaminated
By this Satanic Nests
False believe in who we are
We don`t live a life but a mind game
You proudly crushed our Pagan lands
Spread the lie and killed the ones who knew
Your Church of Lies shall Burn
Start Outnumbering the Days

Veil Lifted Before your Eyes
Your Religion looks Bad
Pathetic Herd once holy Flock
Now hanging your „Fathers“

You shall go straight to hell
Through the Valley of Pestilence
Your Religion slowly dies
I can smell Decay

Hear where others go deaf,scream where others are silent,
see where others are blind, move where others stand still
I Welcome you the Birth of Death
Where we are the Venom and Religions are Dead

Once a Wise man Said
No promise no Faith Only Twisted Truth
Shall rule this Earth
Tomorrow I am gone where my brothers awaits
Until the Hammer Strikes again

Among the Evil fields of Mist
God of Fiction ruled the Earth
Untouchable Strongholds
Of Power Beyond
With a will to Change the Garden of Eden

In Evil or Good we may now Believe
But no Wings and Horns shall let our minds think free
Track Name: The Cartel of Blood
I have seen the Bestial Aggression
In this world but not of it
In The World of brutality which is fundamentally Insane

They are coming for your flesh
The People with no face
The Creators of this day they shall
Satisfy their soul by taking the last drop of your blood

Cartel of Blood
All Walks of Life
Cartel of Blood
Incipit End

Will for Destruction Life must go on
Satisfy my lust by giving me your blood
The Birth of the Tragedy
Out of the Spirit
The Red Rivers complete the pictures of life
Cartel of Blood

Blood is the Drink for the Land
Once you have drunk you shall yearn
Yearn... to kill as her son
Taste all the flavors you shall
Fly over the world and Display

Ladies and Gentlemen
The Family of Cartel
Lift up your Soul you shall be repaid
I can see your bloody face in the laugh
Laughing in the name of Cartel

Cartel of Blood
All Walks of Life
Cartel of Blood
Incipit End

Cartel of Blood
Track Name: Holokaust Kršćanstva (Melkor)
U dubinama, u podzemnoj tami ništavila.
Gdje na dopire božja vizija, u redovima svezani vjernici stoje.
Prokletstvo ih ne zaobilazi, jedan po jedan pada.
Vriskovi sa svih strana, započeo je holokaust kršćanstva.

Čekajući pogubljenje i odlazak u život vječni,
držeći križeve, koje uskoro guta vatra....koje uskoro guta vatra....

Na planinama, iznad tih dubina,
Na kolcima...jedan uz jednog.
Pribodeni i uništeni uskoro će upoznati...
Tajne mračne sile,
Tajne mračne sile...

Rijeke suza, mora krvi.
Duša krščana je nestala.
Dolazi tama sa svih strana,
završio je holukaust kršćanstva.
Track Name: European Tragedy
I am your Mother and Father you Know
I am your Sky and Land where you grow
But you tricked me
You Betrayed me
You've sold me to the hands of Stranger
You`ve stole behind my back
And Left me to die Alone

I raised you as my Child
But you always tend upwards
Where the Gold carries your name
I could gave you all you want
But you trade me for Profit you Gain

Am I Losing my Mind?
No one seems to care
Who those people are?
What they want?
Because i don`t know and I don`t care

Thy will still sleeps
Open your Mind
The Face of Slavery Shines from each of your Stars
Crush the Yellow Danger

The poetry of this Perpetual Tragedy
Written on the back of Tribune
As long as the slaves serve His Majesty
Europe will be the land of Dune

Once I was a Land of Clarity and Dreams
Now I am Den of Death and Dismay
Your system is a Virus
You are caught in a web you Twain
I am healing during your death
You can Feel my Talons of Truth

From the Depths of European Hell
Forces are Gathering the Shadows of Past
Sun doesn't Rise until all you Die
Am I Losing my Mind ?
Constructed World now Falls
Help Me in this War
I will be thy Weapon
Track Name: Kozoglav
Glasovi iz Dubina Tame
Na otoku Krvavog Mora
Zovu Ljude da pozdrave Smrt
Divlje Sile Sinova Zla

Tiho Gorje nemirno je
Crno Sunce otvara se

Kroz Trnje i Bol ja sam Rođen
Moj ritual je Kaos i Rat
Ja pjevam pjesme smrti
Ja nisam u paklu ja sam u tebi
Ja sam Ti

Iz Crnog Neba
Ja dolazim ovdje da podsjetim te
Da živiš u laži da probudiš se
Sjene Pakla ustajte sad

Na nebu više Zvijezda nema
Sumrak Zora
Dolazi Konj bez Konjanika
Na Sedlu hladnom Viteza nema
Zemlja hladna, Zemlja bez snova
Njena Bijela Krila otvoriše se

U dolini panjeva
Nestala su blaga skrivena
Dolaze Munje i vjetrovi
Samo jeka istine

Dolaze Krvnici odlaze Krsnici
Njihove crkve u plamenu
Gore i nestaju
Njihova tijela sada u Pepelu
Odlaze sa vjetrovima južnim

Moja misija obavljena je
Vračam se tami na otoku Smrti
Crno Sunce zatvara se
Duše Ljudi Nestale su

Ti si ja
Kroz Trnje do Zvijezda
Ja dolazim ovdje da podsjetim te
Da živiš u laži da probudiš se
Track Name: Kult Folk
Perune tvoje munje i gromovi
ne čuju se...
Slavenski Krvniče vrijeme je sjetve
vrati se...
Na tvojoj zemlji crkve grade
Ovce u Vučjoj koži
Svarože tvoja nebeska vatra
Spalit će Poroke sve
Nasmijanih lica oni kradu
Ali osjetit će bijes Sunca tvoga
Iz mračne šume
Moj je put nevidljiv,kao put iz snova
Opjevan melodijom sova
Zemlja i ljudi izdajnici roda svoga
Mi smo djeca nove zore
Na sumraku staroga svijeta
Iz okova crnih ja sada dižem jedra
I Smrt je zora, smrt kao sunce vedra
Otkrij zemljo lice svoje, večer tvoja mlada je
Za bol si ljude rađala ,za radost rađaj ih sada
Budi nam majko vila, kolijevka slobode tiha
U Zagrljaju tvome vječnosti
Track Name: They Live
Forces of a Serpent Race
The ones covered in Gold
Of all the Blood you Spilled
Now Smell the Ashes you Left
They are alive
Ignore the colors of this World
All the Flowers and Joy means nothing to us
To this End all is Black and White
I am aware of your tune
And all of your Crypts
Where you stand by
All the Kings and queens
The Pilgrims of Death
Follow the Grid until the end of the Line
Unknown Horizons Revealing the Path
The Armies of Darkness Awaiting to kill
Nocturnal Dive
No faith
It is all your call
Find a way to a million worlds beyond your site
Fall into the Infinite Depth of Cosmic Mist
They Live, we sleep
In the Fields of grief and despair
They Live but we shall Rise
Crush your fake life and reach the Stars
Track Name: Sweet Torment (Hellhammer)
Years in hell, sweet but cruel
Waitin' for this final day

Sweet torment

Noise of blood, rippin' flesh
Torture's masters, immortal fear

Unleashed heat, for a thousand years
Terminated soul, set black to death

Horrible things I have seen
Never return to cloven hoof
Track Name: The Truth Shall Set You Free
Once Upon a Time
The Entity showed its Power
Created our Reality
From the Unknown Void
Suddenly Shined
Our Land, Sea and Sky
The Green Plain Horizons
Whispering their Live Melodies
The Cold Solid Strongholds
Penetrating the Earth crust
The Unbelievable Chaotic Paradoxical Art
Of Universal Energy and Synergy of Existence
Potential Grows
The Seeds of Life
After This Silent Circus
Sheppard Left his Children
Under the Skies of Wonder
Lost in this Sweetless Dreamland
The Arrival of Invisible Hand
The Circle of Trust Ripped from Hands of Men
Rise of Plague and Pestilence
Spread by the Hand of Religions
Fight for us and you`ll be walking Free
The same lies from empty faces
Dirty lungs that just won`t stop breathing
Inhaling our Soul Exploiting our Will and Pride
There must be a Wisdom hidden from the Herd
To explain this absurd circle of believe
Dancing for Centuries and Serving the Crown
The Regime of Terror Beyond our Comprehend
The Game hasn't Change Welcome to the World in a Grave
Devastating lands and fields of Crystal swamps
Drown in Depression and Sub-zero Stability
This can`t live any longer, This is the End
On the day in which We shall Vanish from this Planet
One Fine Day it might be
Just like the day in your Memories
Divine New Creation it will be
Under the Shattered glowing Sky
Don`t let them to close your eyes
With their Empire, the Kingdom of Lies
Dig up your Dreams, Reveal your Soul and See
...and the Truth Shall Set you Free
Feel the Freedom of Ghost Inside
I am the Enemy of this Holy Ground
Here where Angels Suffer
Resting their heads on the pillow of Razors
Solving the Fragments of their Mistreated thoughts
Walking in the Paradise built by the Soddomer
The Leper ground covered by Innocence
Creeping Beauty and Prosperity of Power
Unchain the Truth
These are my last Words Before Down
A Retribution for all lies we said
which helped to build the World we have
Now I Shall summon the Victorious End
Track Name: The Warriors of the Underground
Instrumental track
Track Name: War (Burzum cover)
This is War
I Lie Wounded on Wintery Ground
With Hundred of Corpses around
Many Wounded Crawl Helplessly around
On the Blood Red Snowy Ground
Cries of the (ha, ha) Suffering Sound
Cries for Help to All Their Dear Moms
Many Hours of Music
Many Drops of Blood
Many Shiverings and Now I Am Dead
And Still We Must Never Give up
Track Name: Vampire Hunters
Thousand Eyes inside the Shadow
Between two Worlds They hold their Breath
The Last Walk in the Blaze of the Night
The Final Masquerade von die Pest
People ,The Folk of the Day
Drunken Man and Beaten Woman
With a Child dying in their Arms
Along With a Hope Buried and Forgotten
Your Grip is Cold
Sweet Dreams of Bitter Tomorrow
The Scars that follow us day by day
Screams Beyond the Smokescreen of Life
My Good old Friend
Mania Among the Vampires
I hail my Pagan Beliefs
And I will Hunt your Family
The Elite on the Top
The Bloodsucking Vampires
Depressive suicidal Hybrids
Vampire Hunters
Twisted Minds around your Neck
Vampire Hunters
The Blood of Thousand in your veins
Vampire Hunters
I will let my self live again
Vampire Hunters
Vampire Hunters
Even the Stars...
They wander towards us in a very strange way
Only Death is certain
Only Death is Cruel
For you my Vampire Friend
For you my Dear Friend
The Existing Shock of Nightmare Fantasy
Possessing the Living in Cruel Cold World
Fanatic Demons Hiding from the Light
In Embrace of their Mother
Saint Witch
When the Night Falls They Pass out
I can hear the Wolves They are Marching
The Rat Savior he shall
Turn this night into a Living Hell
Phantoms of this World
I will give you my Blood
For the Great Light that is Coming
I hail your Rise
Vampire Hunters
Twisted Minds around your Neck
Vampire Hunters
The Blood of Thousand in your veins
Vampire Hunters
I live again
Vampire Hunters
Vampire Hunters
Track Name: Saturn Rising
Saturn Rising
The Clouds are touching the Earth
One Man Standing
By the Image seen only in our minds
The Virgin is Born
To See The Beauty of Creation
When the Saturn Returns
I will Close my Eyes again
To Feel Each Star in the Garden Above
The day that shall change my World
The Pain shows its Beautiful face
The Pain and Resident Fear
I gave you my body All my Life
Now you salute my leave I bid you farewell
The Endeavors of Past in the moment of Blaze
Shall feed my mind with the knowledge of Gods
Holding the Truth in the palm of my Hand
All my Virtues unite as one
and sets my soul dynamics of God
For The Journey Far, Far Beyond
Saturn Rising
Expanding Consciousness, Awareness
And Intellectual Rebirth
The Birth of New Life
Track Name: The Vault
I am Trapped in this Burning Vault
And I don’t know what to do
How do I Tear this Concrete Walls
How do I Escape this Grave
I see the Light than Darkness comes
The Dance of Silence and Fear
The Shadows are screaming
Their Children are drowning in Blood
The Insane Hours of Hell
A Jester Laughs at every Step I make
Flashing Phantoms Frostbite my eyes
Until their Fading Life Goes away
Goes away…
I can hear my Funeral Bells
The Daughters of Doom calls my Name
Offering me a Freedom I never had
My Punishment shall be my Salvation
Take this Life, sacrifice your soul
Let the End Begins
Feel the Change, touch the Eternity
I shall be your Guide
Lived in this Vault for Years now I am touching the peeks
Of Mountains beyond
Given the light my path was shown by another Sun
No God have planted his seeds on this Land
No Man built his Kingdom here
No Blood was spilled, No mirrors of power
Close your eyes, get out from the vault
You can become the part of infinite Source
In the Embrace of the Sun
Destroy the Vault (x5)
Track Name: Welcome to Croatia
Sun doesn't rise in this land no more
Nothing here, only pain
Everything was planned from the Beginning
Steal the state, Ministers
Every war is someone`s profit
Gaining money for someone's grief
But for what this people still rules this land
Showing their faces smiling everywhere
Disappearing in Shadows they crawl away
To change their mask, their skin
Reshaping the chaos, creating the pain
Forging the masses
Drown your sorrow by praising your god
Confess your sins to a man behind bars
I will start to preach first give me your money
I am your priest the corrupted politician
This is the game we play
In the depth we can not pay
Ignoring the nation
You are...
You Left your seeds on a Virgin Land
No result of your thorns
We shall not dance for your Democracy
Every day, every night
You know their plans, they are all the same
Imprison the nation and send them to war
Don`t try to prove me that this world is sane
Where the bombs are shaping our mind your way
Should I accept this truth and hit my vein?
To find a dream which shall kill this day
Until this very Vein bleeds a nation to Death
Track Name: Message to Marija Oršić
Instrumental track